Retailbean for Omni Channel Solution

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Build a real omni channel experience. At Retail bean, we are specialists in building an omni channel solution , where you can seamlessly manage your physical store and your eCommerce site. The physical store and the digital channels have found the way to co-exist and work together....Read More

Retailbean for Cloud POS

Your Retail business have more than 5 retail outlets spread over different geographical area? Do you want to have a connected retail experience ?

We as a Retail solution experts, know, Retail business have always focused on increasing their store footprint for growth. All Retail business have started moving towards customer centric operation model with a high level of Technology adoption. This is because, Digital transformation is in-evitable in these days to keep in track with the change in consumer behaviour. ...Read More

Retailbean for Ecommerce

What is the relevance of Customer Relationship management to be integrated to an Ecommerce , especially when there are many Ecommerce application available in the market....Read More

Order Management
Manage orders from Ecommerce portal Approval workflow for order processing Realtime view of order flow

Manage Customers
Detailed customer data management 360 Degree view of customers

Manage Inventory
Goods Received note (GRN) Material Requisition Material Issue Physical verification...

Case Studies

Retail Industry Bakery Chain

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Omni channel solution for Organic Retail chain

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Omni channel solution for Fashion Brand

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