Cloud solution for Retail Chains

Retailbean for Cloud POS

Your Retail business have more than 5 retail outlets spread over different geographical area?
Do you want to have a connected retail experience ?
We as a Retail solution experts, know, Retail business have always focused on increasing their store footprint for growth. All Retail business have started moving towards customer centric operation model with a high level of Technology adoption. This is because, Digital transformation is in-evitable in these days to keep in track with the change in consumer behaviour.

Retail bean is a cloud based software to connect all your physical stores seamlessly. Retail bean will help you to access real time data minute by minute on your entire business process, whether it is orders / sales / customer acquisition / receipts etc.,



Mutli-store management

Multi-store management

Ever wondered , how to consolidate your inventory and sales of different stores ? retailbean – retail version is been powered with a very comprehensive multi-store capabilities ,where you can manage inventory and sales effectively. View the dashboards with multi-store perspective, act quickly and take decision quickly.

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Inventory Management in mutlistore – never a headache again.

Inventory Management in multistore – never a headache again.

Get a clear picture on how your inventory is been handled in different stores on the go. View inventory dashboards with informative ROL and ROQ details. Vendor management is easy than ever before.

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360 degree view of Customers

360 degree view of Customers

retailbean gives you a 360 degree view of customers, whether they are purchasing from Store A or Store B, they are tracked and gives you a clear picture and help you decide on how to take the best results from each customers.

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Retailbean is equipped with all the features your require to manage your multi store process on cloud . Some of the major features are :
Manage customers - 360 degree view of customers available 24/7.
Multi store Capability – Manage your stores from one place seamlessly
Retail Point of Sales ( POS) – Cloud based POS process provides real time sales data.
Purchase / Inventory Management - Comprehensive purchase and inventory management
Receivable / Payables management - Cash is king. manage receivables and payables effectively
Marketing Management - Manage up-sell and cross sell and improve top line.
Customer Support Management - Support queries manage on the fly.
Dashboards - Better visibility in to the business process with graphical representation

Manage customers
  • Detailed customer data management
  • 360 Degree view of customers
Manage Products /SKU
  • Comprehensive product management (SKU)
  • Manage stock
  • Manage Web Availability
  • Price management with different tax structure
  • Manage Multiple packaging for managing the SKUs effectively
  • Barcode management
Manage Purchases
  • Supplier management
  • Purchase order management
  • Supplier invoicing
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Purchase return
  • Credit memo
  • Debit memo
  • Payment reconciliation
Manage Inventory
  • Goods Received note (GRN)
  • Material Requisition
  • Material Issue
  • Physical verification
  • Inter warehouse requisition
  • Inter ware house issue
  • Inter warehouse receipt
  • Wastage entry
Multi store capability
  • Manage multiple stores
  • Store wise product management
  • Store wise inventory
Retail Point of Sales ( POS)
  • Point of sale for each counter
  • Bar code integration in POS counter
  • PoS session closing for users
Receivables management
  • General receipt management
  • Receipt reconciliation
  • Debit note
  • Credit note
  • Account Reconciliation
Payables management
  • Supplier invoicing
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Purchase return
  • Credit memo
  • Debit memo
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Sales order dashboard
  • Sales dashboard
  • Store dashboard
  • Customer dashboard
  • Inventory dashboard
  • Receipt dashboard
Advanced features
  • Customer segmentation
  • Slow moving / Fast moving items management
  • Inventory dashboards
  • Receipt Dashboards
  • Business Alerts
Internal Messaging
  • Internal Messaging