Retailbean is committed to customer satisfaction. As our customer, we want to help you successfully manage your customer relationships. We're with you every step of the way, providing resources you need to ensure that your Web based Business CRM software implementation is successful.

I am an owner of a single retail store, can I use Retailbeanlite ?

Yes, you can. Retailbean lite is exclusively meant for small retailers who want to adopt technology to grow fast, and to get actionable insight

I am a retailer from Antartica, can I use Retailbeanlite ?

Whether you are from Antartica or any continent in the world, you can use Retailbeanlite if you have internet access. Just go and start your free trial with a click of a button. You are started. Its that simple.

How much it does it cost for me if I have 2 stores ?

We have different feature bundles suited to your requirement , please check the link - http://retailbean.com/pricing

Can I manage Inventory and POS in the same system ?

Yes, unlike in other software, you can manage your entire inventory management process and sales process from the same application, Retailbeanlite, that you know 360 degree view of your business.

Can I try it out first ?

Absolutely! You can try out all the paid features for free for two whole week, no credit card required. Activate free trial now.

Does it matter how many users I have ?

It does matters. Each store license will get 2 users free. If you require more than two users per store, Additional users licence need to be purchased extra.

Can I switch between plans ?

Yes. When you switch to a higher plan, you'll immediately get new features and be charged a prorated price for that month. This will be done once you request a change of plan to the retailbeanlite administrator at support@retailbean.com

Do you offer refunds ?

In general, we don't offer refunds. But, we do believe in fair refunds when the situation calls for it. If there was a system error on our part, we'll immediately issue you a refund. Contact our support team and we'll happily assess the situation.

What types of payment are supported ?

We support only payments by credit card. Wire transfers and purchase orders aren't supported outside India.

Are there any additional taxes ?

Yes, all rates mentioned are exclusive of tax.