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Want to manage your Distributor and Dealers in one platform?

Primary sales management, Secondary sales management, Field staff order management

How Retailbean benefits you

We are passionate to make your business process easy and efficient. We help you to give you Realtime data across your business process in your fingure tips. Check out how Retailbean can help you.

Retailbean offer realtime visbility to the entire process to the management that can help to take informed decisions quickly

View Realtime Sales orders

Realtime Target Vs Sales tracking

Sales officers productivity tracking

Easliy managable incentive engine

Realtime Distributor inventory

Realtiem Distributor invocicing (primary sales)

Real Time Dealer sales - (secondary Sales)

Complete visibility in to the entire Sales process

Access from Anywhere

Managing 100s of Distribtuors and 1000s of Dealers is a cumborsome task, espeically when its sperad across a large geographical area. With Retailbean, IT administroator can manage the entier process very easily. No headaces of manaign Cloud infrastructure

Master data management made simple

Simplified Route / Beat Management

Scale up/ Scale down users at ease

Quick and fast Adminstration process

Flexible User rights / Roles management

Multiple Distributor invoice import in a shot

Easily portable reports

ERP integration possiblity

Easily manage the compex - Territory to Dealer / Distribtuor and Sales officer process

All Realtime Data at finger trip

No hassle of managing Cloud infrastructure. Just Leave it to us, We will efficiently manage it for you - ( Included in the package )

Access from anywhere

People on the field have a very simple process of order punching and expense reporting. No more compulsary daily reporting via Email

Easy Daily punching facility

Reatime Order punching on mobile app

Mobile based Expenses reporting

Realitme sales achivement monitoring

No Daily reporting sending via Email

No Daily Order report by Email

Digital Product catalogue for better presentation on mobile

100 % visibility in to the Dealer list with their purchase history

No Daily reporting sending via Email

Access from anywhere

Some of Our Customers


Field Sales officer order management

Order Management from retailers is usually handled by Field Sales officers and it has become the key enabler for a business to achieve success! It is also one of the main challenges faced by businesses which depend on primary and secondary sales. Using RetailbeanLite Mobile app for Salesforce order management, Field sales staff can take orders on the go and it immediately reaches the respective Distributor assigned to that territory. This leads to faster delivery time and increased customer satisfaction.

Amazing experience with overall software. Reports are easy to extract and with the help of filters we can have the exact report that we want for the future analysis. Its a user friendly software for any type of business who is willing to expand in the future. Reports and live inventory management are very effective.

Siddharth kotra

Nappa Dori

Primary Sales management

Assure streamlined distribution for your business! If distributors are the main link between you and your end customer, RetailbeanLite Distributor management system on cloud is just perfect for you! You can manage your orders, stock, delivery, and payment and also track your monthly targets real-time.

Secondary sales management

Know your secondary sales real time! Managing secondary sales is a considerable challenge for FMCG and Consumer goods companies. With RetailbeanLite FMCG retail software on cloud, you can easily track and manage it well. You can also categorise outlets and customise prices and schemes according to business potential. The software will segment your customers in different territories and sub territories for your Sales officers to take orders from each dealer on a fixed tour plan system.

Territory management for Order management

Take control of your entire distribution chain with RetailbeanLite Distributor management system on cloud! In this module, you can completely monitor and track your Sales officers’ daily operations and order taking process. RetailbeanLite will aid the sales people to get correct data on the dealers and products in real time.

Route / Beat Planning

Does your business necessitate managing sales officers or Vans going to different locations daily for taking orders or doing business? Improve your van sales and direct store delivery operation with Route/ Beat management automation. RetailbeanLite Van sales retail software on cloud will add real value to the business process. You can create different routes combining different territories mapping several retailers & assign to different sales officers or Van sales guys to do the business. Business owners and Field staff can plan the day with clarity to maximise the business volume.

Sales officers Expense management

Make expense reporting simple! Field salesforce will always have expenses incurred directly related to the business process. RetailbeanLite Field force automation with cloud application has tools to manage the field expenses which can be further taken up by the HR department for processing. No more couriering of expense statements needed.

Field Effectiveness analysis

Analytics plays a pivotal role in improving the decision-making process for FMCG companies! The management needs to know the effectiveness of field sales officers. FMCG retail software on cloud, RetailbeanLite has inbuilt features to track the number of customer visits / number of orders taken / Value of order etc., and compare it to the target set by the management.

Instant order fulfilment facility

Manage end-to-end orchestration and quick fulfillment of customer orders! Retailbeanlite Mobile app for Salesforce order management makes it possible! The main challenge of any FMCG Distributor / Dealer management is the on-time, fast delivery of products after taking orders. Normally it takes many hours to process with the field staff taking orders and passing it on to the distributor via phone or email. In RetailbeanLite, the order punched by the field staff will be directly notified to the Distributor of the corresponding area & they can deliver the product without any delay. The customer is happy with immediate or same day delivery.

Digital Product Catalogue

The new trend in marketing is Digital Product Catalogues! RetailbeanLite FMCG retail software on cloud mobile app will organise and consolidate product data into a single, digital catalogue. This will help the Sales staff to get all the new product details on the fingertips and display it to the prospective dealers in a visually rich format along with all the technical details. New product launches can also be notified to all dealers.