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Integrate your Ecommerce with Cloud Retail Software

Order - Invoice - Customers Management - Abandoned Orders

Product catalogue

Take your business to new heights with fabulous and engaging product catalogues! Product cataloguing is one of the most important activities in any Ecommerce business. Here product details are presented with photographs, pricing and discount management.

Retailbeanlite Retail Software on cloud brings to you a very simple process of managing all the details from a single location.

User interface is very easy to use and clean, staff can understand the application easily.

Centralized management of all three stores is possible. sms/email alerts to management on sales in each stores is a great feature. The best feature would be the alerts send to Owner about purchases,sales summary etc and sms to customers. Since it is a cloud based application we can access and review sales and stock from anywhere. Add on Loyalty application is also good.They have brought in analysis reports and small changes as per our requirements. Using it for 3 stores along with add on loyalty application.

Arun S


Ecommerce Order management

Give your customer a consistent, hassle-free, multi-channel buying experience! Order taking is the initial stage of any Ecommerce transaction & it may get messed up without proper order management. In RetailbeanLite with its Omni channel Ecommerce integration, orders from the ecommerce portal will automatically stream to the CRM. This will alert the respective users triggering immediate action on the same. The CRM then takes further action on the pooled orders.

You can manage all your orders and order processing till invoicing in a single location with RetailbeanLite. This further helps you to track the order from start to finish.

Communication workflow

Communication workflows are crucial for every business to build healthy relationships with customers! A simple Thank you SMS to your customers after each purchase will work wonders! Added to it, if you have a software that can send daily sales reports to you at 10 pm - just Great! RetailbeanLite Integrate POS with Ecommerce software is equipped with such customised smart workflows to help you to be more productive. Moreover, these predefined workflows can be enabled or disabled according to your requirements.

Manage Abandoned order

Recover abandoned cart sales automatically! Cart abandonment causes a drastic drop in Ecommerce sales by nearly $18 billion in revenue each year. Your business can also be affected with this large problem. Try to convert your abandoned carts into real business! RetailbeanLite Omni channel retail software on cloud will help you to understand these abandoned cart opportunities and improve business.

Order fulfilment

Order fulfillment is a crucial element of your success in online retail! Manage your order fulfillment as per your plan with RetailbeanLite cloud retail software Ecommerce integration. You can map and monitor the whole process meticulously right from order generation to delivery. Customers can also view this monitoring in their ecommerce login feature and be updated on the delivery process.

Payment Gateway integration

Get secure payment integration that is easy to understand and implement! Any order is completed only if you get the payment amount from the customers. RetailbeanLite Omni channel Ecommerce integration process is associated with easy connectable Payment gateways like PayU, Razorpay, CCavenue, Stripe etc.

Customer 360o view

Now personalise your marketing campaigns with a customer 360 degree view! Aggregating data from the various touch points that a customer may use to purchase products, receive service and support, RetailbeanLite Retail Software on cloud will provide you customer 360 degree view. You can craft an informed and data-led action plan designed to move this process along as smoothly as possible with this approach. You can give more emphasis on your most valued customers.