Omni channel Retailing on cloud

Retailbeanlite is an omni channel retail application, where you can manage.

HO - Branch - Franchise - Warehouse

Same product data for Store and Ecommerce

Go for smooth integration of product data! No matter how you do your business operations, your potential customers expect to receive accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date product information. You need not manage your product data in two different places now! With RetailbeanLite in place, you can just manage all your product details like - product images, product rate, Product discount, product descriptions etc. in one single application and connect it to all stores including your Ecommerce store.

User friendly, Any where accessible cost effective retail billing software

Personally, I have used 4 different leading billing software's before but I should admit this is the best among all. Highly recommend for any startup. The retails bean is very friendly and they give you the best support and advice. Invoicing is very easy and can be done in less than a minute. Best technical support for any issue over phone. Customization of the software if required on demand basis. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports at click of a button.


Mobi Guard

Global Customer data

Retailbeanlite being a Cloud retail software has its advantages! You can have as many physical stores or digital stores as possible, but all the customer data is pooled into one place so that you can get a comprehensive view of customers from one place. This feature of ReailbeanLite delights your customers as at the cash counter, customers are identified by the system and the Store cashier can inform if there is any special offer running exclusively for them.

Integrated Ecommerce Order Management

Say hello to integrated Ecommerce management! Since RetailbeanLite is a Cloud retail software, all the ecommerce orders will be integrated into one single location and the order management becomes seamless and streamlined. Furthermore, if the ordered products are not available in one store, they can be shipped from multiple stores or nearby stores.

Seamless Customer Engagement

Get ready for seamless customer engagement! As a Cloud retail software Retailbeanlite has comprehensive customer management tools which can be implemented in Physical store and Digital store environment. This can help the retail business owners to chart out different customer engagement activities, which will help them to increase the customer satisfaction.

Boost your customer loyalty

Maximise customer loyalty with the best retail software! Reward and retain loyal customers with RetailbeanLite! Studies throw light on the fact that those customers who were offered a seamless experience across your retail channels, spend more . They become more loyal to your brand! If you have a clearly orchestrated omni channel strategy, repeat shopping by customers might increase multi fold. Customers can turn out to be your brand ambassadors too with this experience.

With RetailbeanLite Omni channel Retail software, you can combine your loyalty program in all your channels like POS, Ecommerce etc. Your customers can accumulate and redeem points from whichever channel they buy products.

360 degree view of your customers

Say goodbye to isolated data handling in different retail channels! RetailbeanLite omni channel retail software will help you to bring all your customer data in one view. You can get a 360 degree view of your customers! Retail business owners can gain more insight on how to define their marketing strategies for the future. Clear segmentation can be personalised on these strategies as per the insights.