Multi store Retailing on cloud

Seamlessly manage your stores located at different places 

HO - Branch - Franchise - Warehouse

Realtime Sales analysis from anywhere

Take control of all your stores in multiple places, from a single location! RetailbeanLite is the best Multistore Retail software on cloud that allows you to manage all your stores remotely.

Lite & Simple

I Manage my 9 store spread across the country with Retailbeanlite ! It helps us to keep updated with all the operations on realtime. Inventory is one area I look to improve and reports like stock movement helps us a lot in reducing the wastages. As a MD, I love the MIS reports which is provided by Retailbean.


Managing Director - Lumiere Organic

Multi store inventory replenishment made fast

You now have the power to monitor your inventory level at different stores seamlessly from one place! The Cloud POS software for Multi store retailers - RetailbeanLite is a complete solution! The HO can easily identify and take remedial measures for speedy inventory replenishment.

Ware House management

Handle the operations of multiple stores through this Cloud inventory software for multi store retailers! RetailbeanLite warehouse management organises procurement at a central location and mobilises material movement to multiple branches in an easy and seamless way.

Multiple Pricing for the same product

Omni channel retail software on cloud, RetailbeanLite empowers you to manage multiple products pricing specific to each store. A great tool that will equip your store to have the right product price mix.

Multi store Discount Management

Manage your discount system to be store specific! Multi Store Retail software on cloud, RetailbeanLite has an Advanced Discounting system that helps retail business managers to control their discount system very effectively. If you want to provide a specific Festival offer for a specific Store, you can manage it effortlessly.

Customer 360o view

Customer insights are critical for the success of a business! Retail business owners can personalise their marketing campaigns according to this & start focusing on the most valued customers. The Cloud POS software for Multi store retailers - RetailbeanLite will furnish you a customer 360 degree view consolidated from multiple channels of retail like – POS, B2B, Ecommerce etc.

Supplier Management

Supplier management is vital in retail business marketing! This helps you to get a better insight on the products you buy. The RetailbeanLite Cloud inventory software for multi store retailers helps you to generate Purchase orders, and send it across to the suppliers and receive products against each PO generated. RetailbeanLite also promotes effective management of Supplier Ledger & Supplier price for each product. With this, you can generate accurate profitability statements.

Franchise management

Your business runs on the franchise model? Manage all your franchises and drive consistent business growth with RetailbeanLite Retail Software on cloud! Create customised applications & streamline workflows. RetailbeanLite works effectively in situations when the principal company sells outright to the Franchise or when you might have to work out a Percentage for sold goods. As a principal company you will get a complete visibility of your customers spread across different franchise locations & roll out specific discounts for them as well.

Accounts Receivables / Payable

Make your accounting hassle-free! Data on how much you need to get from your credit customers and how much you owe to your suppliers is very crucial for any business. Omni channel retail software on cloud, RetailbeanLite will be an effective tool to help you manage Accounts receivables & Payables automatically along with the invoices you generate in the system. You will receive an Aging analysis of your AR and AP in 30/60/90 days slots as well.

Customer / Supplier Ledger

Detailed ledgers to record all of the business transactions of the organization! Be it sales, return or receipts from any of your stores or retail channels, know all your customers’ & suppliers’ transactions with you. RetailbeanLite Retail Software on cloud will help you to get more records on the customers and suppliers with detailed Customers & Suppliers ledgers.

Profitability insight

Ever wondered how profitable your business is currently? Gain detailed insight into the most and least profitable aspects of your business with RetailbeanLite Cloud POS software for Multi store retailers. You can get real-time Profitability analysis from different aspects like Products, Products category, Stores etc.

Smart communication Workflows

Build long-lasting relationships with customers! Just feel the power of smart communication workflows in engaging customers. RetailbeanLite Retail Software on cloud will help you to send automated messages to customers like a thank you note as soon as a customer buys from your store, or messages on new product arrivals, appointment schedule etc. Business owners can remain updated on critical data on a regular basis.

Customer Engagement tools

Increase customer retention by connecting with customers continuously! Engage your customers with active notifications starting as sending a thank you message after a purchase. The smart tools of RetailbeanLite Cloud POS software for Multi store retailers can help to intimate your customers on the new product arrivals, Appointments, Ready for delivery etc. You can focus on improving the business while RetailbeanLite handles all the mundane / repetitive tasks.

Wallet system

Make payments quickly and effectively with a Wallet system! If your retail business has a business system which gets package price or Prepaid facility a wallet is highly beneficial. After purchasing and filling the Wallet you can settle all future bills to this amount.

Loyalty management

A loyalty program is one of the most compelling ways to engage and retain customers! Create, manage, and analyse customer loyalty programs through RetailbeanLite Omni channel retail software on cloud. As it is integrated with LYTTY – loyalty and Retail analytic platform, if a Loyalty program is enabled in your Retailbean account, customers can start collecting the Loyalty points which they can redeem from any of your Stores.